Medical Insurance

We often come across people who do not have medical insurance, simply because they are not aware that they may not be treated immediately for their illness under the public health system and as such, may end up on a long waiting list for treatment. Or they believe, 'nothing will ever happen to me'.

Could you imagine yourself diagnosed with a life-threatening condition such as cancer, and then find yourself on a long waiting list? Can you afford to wait until your turn arrives for treatment?

Everybody would love to believe that nothing will ever happen to them; however, reality tells a completely different story. Often we come across situations where a healthy young man who has never had any medical problems is suddenly diagnosed with some sort of illness. It never comes with warning.

Did you know that once you are diagnosed with some medical condition, if you haven't already organised your medical insurance, the chances of getting medical cover on standard terms is very low? You may end up paying a higher premium, having a condition exclusion, or simply being declined by the insurance provider.

If you have a car accident and you are not insured, can you then arrange new cover and expect to be paid for the damages? The simple answer is no, as the event took place before you took out the insurance policy. In the same way, in most cases, pre-medical conditions are excluded by the insurance provider. So why wait until you get sick or develop a medical condition? It's too late.

Your medical cover will reimburse 100% cost up to reasonable charges to the limit given under your policy.

How to claim?

If you find out that you require treatment and need to submit a claim, contact us. We will organise the claim form and apply for the pre-approval on your behalf. Once the insurer confirms pre-approval, you're good to go ahead with your treatment.

For further details and information about medical insurance, give us call.

There are many advantages that come as part of your medical policy, such as:

  • Overseas Treatment
  • Home Nursing Care
  • Funeral Support
  • Specialist and Diagnostic Tests
  • Caregiver Accommodation
  • Support Person Transport and Accommodation
  • Waiver of Premiums
  • Non-Pharmac Drugs
  • Medical Tourism
  • Australasia Cover
  • Best Doctors Advice


Medical Insurance

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