Total & Permanent Disability

What would you do if you are totally and permanently disabled and still have debts or a mortgage to pay?

"It never comes with a warning; it just comes"

Disability of any kind will always leave you and your family in financial stress. Whether due to sickness or accident, disability can leave your financial situation in a big question mark.

Have you made plans for yourself if you suddenly become totally and permanently unable to work again? What is your family going to do if you still have to pay the mortgage or debts and there is no other income earner available?

This is when you need total and permanent disablement cover. It pays a lump sum to you.

Total and permanent disability cover generates the necessary cash to help you:

  • Reduce debt or pay unpaid bills
  • Sort out your medical bills
  • Create retirement funds
  • Maintain your lifestyle

The Definition of Total and Permanent Disability
As a result of accident or illness you are so incapacitated that you;

  • cannot do your own job or another job, which your skills may be suited to or,
  • suffer loss of limbs or sight or,
  • cannot perform at least two of the following activities without the physical assistance of someone else.
  1. Bathing and showering
  2. Dressing and undressing
  3. Eating and drinking
  4. Using a toilet
  5. Moving from one place to another by walking, in a wheelchair or with a walking aid.

For further information about total and permanent disability cover, contact us and find out how we can help you.

Total & Permanant Disability

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